Uses of Coal

The most important use of coal worldwide is energy and electricity generation, the process required for this is steam coal. The other main use of coal is carried out through coking coal which is then used in the steel production industry.
Many will argue that the use of coal to generate electricity is a waste due to the many other methods can be used to do so. Coal in non-renewable and must therefore be used sparingly.

The electricity created using coal is then used to power your homes and business’. All major providers will get the majority of their electricity this way leaving you little choice but to either use the non-renewable energy or to generate your own energy.

Generating Your Own Electricity

With the quickly developing technology in the energy generating industry there are many options for you to choose from in terms of how you want to generate the electricity required to power your home.

If you have land to spare around your property then solar panels would be one of the best options for you as they can be located onto flat land. If you leave near the coast, we would recommend a wind turbine as you will have stronger and faster winds available.