Campaigns to help promote a business

Here at Scottish Coal, we help otherbusinesses grow, as well as showing the hisotry of Scottish Coal. We noticed others needed to change the way they promote their business and have now created the ultimate guide with numerous companies that could contribute to your successes. Contact us to further discuss.

Listed below are the companies and what strategies which we advise.

Exterion Media

As Exterion Media are experts in outdoor advertising throughout transport networks and have had many successful advertisements, we know this is the team to help you reach a wider audience. They are responsible for media opportunities on 95% of the bus network in Scotland, including Lothian buses. Discover more.

The team at Exterion help people to understand their local audience and what would attract them the most and even help you to put our advert together.

Creative Links

Creative Links have worked with many people to design their website. They worked with others to find out what they were missing compared to their competitors and they can incorporate this your site to help optimise it as well as making it an attractive site. Click here to view their web creation services.


SILAI advised thousands on numerous business support strategies and ideas to push a business into growth to attract more customers. Businesses work alongside them when their business was first starting out – they are specialists in helping others to get an idea off of the ground and execute it.

Their advice services are free of charge as they are just passionate about helping people promote their business. Find out more.

Wave SMS

Wave SMS are an online SMS platform that helps to provide businesses to track and manage your messaging campaigns. They have previously delivered their service worldwide. Wave has sent out a range of messages to customers that will help to them using a service again.

They also reach customers globally, schedule SMS blasts, bulk contacts upload, personalise sender and track the campaigns. See: Plans.